Designer, Ko Park

Ko Park is an artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. She has worked as a full-time jewellery designer in her downtown Toronto studio since completing her Bachelor of Design degree at OCAD University in 2005.


Her curiosity and interest in innovative methods of production and industrial techniques, combined with a vast knowledge of materials, has led to many design outcomes beyond jewellery, for example furniture and eyewear, which in turn enhanced her process for jewellery making. Using multiple software programs as a design tool to create a digital representation of her ideas, she uses a 3D printer to transfer the model into the real world. This process allows her to ensure maximum precision, resolve problems before fabrication and optimize the engineering aspects of her medium. Along with this production method, she designs and manufactures prototypes and products for various clients, as well as continually building her studio practice.




Contrast and juxtaposition

Juxtaposing opposites are key elements to Ko’s design process. Tradition meets innovation by combining time-tested goldsmithing techniques with skills in CNC-precision (computer-controlled machine technology). The duality is also seen in her jewellery with the contrast of textured surfaces against mirror finishing, and smooth curves combined with hard lines.